This part is painful, but necessary, no? I'm Chloe Bruderer and I'm just like you—I like coffee and the weekends! I sell art, make art, breathe art, and go on long walks in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. I live with my boyfriend and a stunning dog, and we go to bed really early. After three and a half years doing social media and marketing at Studio McGee and McGee & Co., I recently took a leap and am trying to make this art thing happen full-time.


You can shop my physical and digital prints on the shop section of my website, including custom portraits. I'll draw your grandma, your dog, your lizard, your favorite food. and even your home! Inside and out. I've got everything from fashion illustrations to Michael Jordan, and even some western-inspired artwork. I like to think there's somethin' for everyone.

Untitled_Artwork 7.png

I'm obsessed with life and I just like to write about it, so you can sign up for my happyness newsletter here. Check it out if you want to get more personal, but don't sign up unless you really want to because unsubscribing is rude. Also, yes I spelled "happyness" on purpose.



I have limited availability for marketing services and social audits, email me for more info.


art Instagram: @chloeheartsart | personal Instagram: @chlobrud